Welcome to Barovia!

A rolling fog of mist and fear has enveloped you and your companions. Thinking nothing of it, you try to cut through it, with torches or spells of light. But nothing works. So you walk. Eventually it clears, and what is revealed astounds and frightens you.

For now you are surrounded by jagged peaks of a foreboding mountain range you have never seen. A dark forest lies beyond the valley you are now in with sheer cliffs behind it. And in front of you, a quaint village, where some lights are on, but no one is outside. And the sounds you hear are the wilderness and perhaps a low deep rumble of laughter that seems to have caught a breeze blown toward you.

The wilderness gives way to a road, which leads to the poorly lit village. Perhaps the people there will have some answers. Perhaps they will know how to get home. Or perhaps you have found the greatest terror imaginable.

Ravenloft - A Pathfinder RPG Conversion

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